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Pollock population debate

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 POLLOCK, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - The town of Pollock might not be a town for much longer, and it's all because of it's population. 

According to a new letter from the Legislative Auditors office, the Town of Pollock could soon become the Village of Pollock. But according to Mayor Jerome Scott, "We were questioned on this many years back, and we've always ended up being a town."

The letter states that Pollock is more than 500 residents shy of being an official town. However, local officials argue that the prison inmate population would push them well beyond the requirement. 

"We annexed the prison area many years back – the census didn’t take into consideration the numbers of the federal prison," said Mayor Scott.

Though nothing is set in stone just yet, local business owners say they would like things to stay just as they are. 

Charles Locker, who owns a local flea market, was also concerned. "You get a little more notice from people when you say it’s a town rather than a village. A village, you blink your eyes and you pass right through it and miss it. With a town, at least here, I think we’re growing!" 

"If it caused us to have a tax increase in any kind of way, NO! I'm not for anything that causes taxes to go up or hinders us in any way shape or form," said Sno-Cone stand owner Ms. Lisa. 

Both owners also agreed that inmates should be included in the population. 

If Pollock does become a village, that also means two less town council members - which has residents worried. 

"The more feet in the door, the better for the town. If you lose two people off of the town council, it could hurt tremendously," said Locker

Ms. Lisa echoes those same feelings. "I think I would prefer to have five because when you have five people discussing something vs. three, that’s more opinions out there".

As the fate of his town stands uncertain, Mayor Scott is staying calm. "We would still have the same services, everything would really remain the same in Pollock". 

Currently Scott says the town is working with their legal counsel on how to resolve the issue.

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