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Bet you didn't know Google could do this

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 (KALB News Channel 5) - Google is so much more than a search engine: it's a never ending source of amusement. Here are some "Google Hacks" that you can try out yourself!

  1. Stopwatch: Just type "Set timer 5 minutes", and Google will start counting down for you! Just replace the number 5 with whatever amount you wish (set timer 2 hours, set timer 30 minutes, etc.).
  2. Barrel Roll: Yes, this one still exists. Type "do a barrel roll", and watch Google do a trick for you.
  3. Google Pac-Man: No "hack" list would be complete without mentioning the Google Doodle where you can actually play Pac-man. Look for it here:
  4. Calculator: Can't find your computer's default number counter? Just type in the word calculator in the search bar, and voila! 
  5. Search for local film showings: Enter "films" or "movies", followed by your zip code, and see the local show times. 

  6. Package Tracking: Got a Fedex, UPS, or other tracking number? Just plug it into Google, and it will create a link for you.

  7. Dictionary: Wonder what a word means? Type define:word, and Google will give you the meaning.

  8. Conversions: Not sure how many tablespoons are in a gallon? No problem, Google has you covered. Use the template <amount> <unit1> to <unit2>. So for example, you could type '1 GBP in USD', '20 C in F' or '15 inches in cm' and get an instant answer.

  9. Tip calculator: Not sure how much a 15% tip is? That's okay. Type in "tip calculator" for some instant help.

  10. Flight Tracker: Frustrated with airline websites? Google's there for you. Insert "flight # airline", and you'll get the latest. I.E., "flight 1234 us airways".

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