Dragon Boat Races

Dustin Matthews joins us on Jambalaya to talk about this year's Dragon Boat races.

Abby's Morning Forecast

Hot rules the next few days with heat indices near 105.

Today's Web Trends (7-26-17)

A look at what's trending on the web today including Senator John McCain's warm welcome back to the Senate floor and a couple of pandas playing around on a new playset.

Today's Medical Watch (7-26-17)

A look at the medical studies making their rounds today including the persistence of noise pollution, infant sleep safety, and the effect of active work stations.

Top 5 at 10 (7-25-17)

Here are today's headlines trending around the world.

Tom's Overnight Weather

The heat is on-again.

Hot Topics (7-25-17)

Here are today's top stories trending worldwide.


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