Bread Pudding Recipe

Quincy Vidrine shows us how to make a delicious dessert in a pressure cooker.

Little Mary struggles to stay awake

A little girl dressed as the Virgin Mary struggled to stay awake in a manger scene in Vernon Parish.

Tax reform bill closer to a vote

The new tax reform bill closer to a vote includes major changes including raising child tax credit.

Tyler's Overnight Forecast

Increasing clouds throughout Saturday with rising rain chances into Saturday night!

Soldier surprises wife at college graduation

A U.S. Army Soldier surprised his wife a day early at her graduation ceremony.

Kathleen Blanco speaks at ULL graduation

Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco made her first public appearance since announcing her cancer diagnosis on Friday, speaking at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette graduation.

Menard vs Buckeye

Menard hands Buckeye their first loss of the season 34-27


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