Week 11 5th Quarter Playoffs Edition 3

Week 11 5th Quarter Playoffs Edition 3

Second Look Top Stories (11-20-17)

Al, Brooke and Steven discuss the top stories of the day on CBS2 Second Look.

White House pampers turkeys before annual pardon

As the White House prepares to pardon select turkeys, the special birds are receiving five-star treatment.

Keeping Shoppers Safe

As more and more people are heading to the stores, Pineville Police gives some helpful tips for staying safe this holiday season.

Will Louisiana see a white Christmas?

Meteorologist Abby Rinderer did some research and shares her winter weather reports for 2017.

Two Thankful Turkeys

We are only one day away from the most famous Presidential pardon of the year: the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Child Care Tax Credit

Your children don't pay taxes, but tax reform could have a big impact on how they spend their days and how much you have to pay for it.


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