New lawmakers sworn in

Two former VP's stood beside the Senate's newest senators as the two took their oaths of office.

Did you see that? July 17

A whole community in Florida is playing house, adding to an abandoned couch. Also, a police officer is stuck behind a real slow poke. See what he does to vent his frustration.

changes to Greek life amid deaths

Since the hazing death of Max Gruver, LSU has enacted new standards for their Greek students. Penn State students are in court over a hazing death.

A 'lava bomb' crashes into boat

Multiple injuries are reporter by tourists who got a little too close to Kilauea's lava by boat.

Death penalty halted

A judge granted an extension to stop executions in the state for another year.

Looking ahead at Louisiana's budget

Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder said lawmakers should get to work before the sales tax expires again. On a positive note, the state no longer has the highest sales tax.

Response to summit statements

President Trump gives Russia the benefit of the doubt, and Republican lawmakers react.


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