Cenla Jobs: Protemp Staffing

Hope Taylor joins us from Protemp Staffing Solutions to tell us about some job openings in the Cenla area.

Tom's Evening Forecast

Tom looks over the forecast for Tuesday night.

License Prices Increases Denied

Good news for Louisiana hunters and fishermen: don't worry about your license costing more. The House shot down a proposal to rework the states recreational licensing system.

New Sex Trafficking Law

Criminals looking to find or sell sex online now have fewer places to turn. However, Kyle Midura reports that some worry that sex-trafficking victims may be at greater risk than before.

Toy Recycling Project

A toy company in Rhode Island isn't playing around when it comes to giving old toys new life. Hasbro is launching a recycling pilot program for well-loved toys and games.

President Trump's first State Dinner

Tonight, President and Mrs. Trump are hosting a State Dinner for French President Emanuel Macron and his wife.

Cassidy on Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo narrowly avoided being rejected by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Cassidy is urging his fellow senators to confirm Pompeo's nomination.


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