TOPS Uncertain with Budget Deficit

We are less than a week away from when state lawmakers will during a special legislative session to try to find ways to fill the nearly one billion dollar expected budget shortfall. Programs could be taking major cuts, including the popular TOPS scholarship program. KALB’s Steven Maxwell spoke to local university leaders on their thoughts of another year uncertainty.

Tom's Overnight Forecast

Tom looks over the forecast for Tuesday and the remainder of the work week.

President Trump signs new defense bill, Sen. Cassidy reacts

Military spending will soon ramp up thanks to a new defense bill signed by President Trump on Monday.

Scythe Lords

What happens when people in Slovenia want to break a world record?

New Teachers Get Ready for School

It's a school night once again in Rapides Parish as students prepare to head back to class on Tuesday. It's also the first school night for more than 100 new teachers in the parish. One in particular might look familiar. KALBs Allison Bazzle reports.

CTK: Holy Savior Menard Eagles

Holy Savior Menard hopes to achieve new heights in the new season by taking a simple approach.

Two horse race at QB for Louisiana College

Newcomer Bonneau and veteran Jordan both have eyes on becoming the Wildcats starter under center for 2018.


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