Are Violent Video Games Linked to Violent Behavior?

President Trump summoned executives from the video game industry to answer the question many American parents are asking: whether violent games are linked to violent behavior.

Wx Discussion, 3-17-18 10pm

Allison, Max and Tyler discuss our latest 7 day forecast.

33rd Nursery Festival

The 33rd annual Nursery Festival kicked off this weekend in Forest Hill.

Czech Fest

When you think of Louisiana heritage the first word that probably comes to mind is 'Cajun.' But, for one community out in Libuse, their heritage is a little different.

Tyler's Overnight Forecast

Sunday features hit and miss rain showers and thunderstorms. Remain weather aware on your Sunday. Details on the full 7 day forecast.

Alexandria Parks and Recreation program numbers up

The City of Alexandria was happy to announce that the community events put on by their Parks and Recreation Department have been rather successful the past few months.

Easter at the Nest

It might have been St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, but Holy Savior Menard High School's Beta Club was thinking ahead to Easter.


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