Tom's Overnight Forecast

Tom takes a look at the forecast for Wednesday and the rest of the work week.

Five Years of Safety at Dis-Tran

The Dis-Tran Packaged substation is proud to say they have been accident-free for five years.

Tom Benson Laid to Rest

Tom Benson’s funeral happened at the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on Friday.

Ft. Polk Hospital Helps Vietnam Vet Correct Military Record

The U.S. Army is setting the record straight for a Special Forces medic injured during the Vietnam War but never fully recognized for his combat-related disabilities, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

LC baseball falls to Sul Ross State in series opener

LC baseball falls to Sul Ross State in series opener

Justice Department Proposes Ban on Bump Stocks

The Justice Department is proposing to ban "bump stocks" using regulations rather than waiting for Congress to pass a law to ban them.

President Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill

President Trump signed for funding the government for the next six months with big spending increases for the military, but not much for one of his key promises: the border wall. Mola Lenghi reports that the President's decision to sign the bill wasn't an easy one.


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