Shooting at Tennyson Oaks

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating an overnight break-in and shooting at Tennyson Oaks. Not a lot of information has been released from police at this time, but KALB's Max Lindsey spoke with some of the residents in the neighborhood.

Cat causes power outages

In New Orleans, a cat is to blame for their latest power outage. Residents want to know how a cat was to blame and what the city is doing about it.

Abby's Afternoon Weather Forecast

Oppressive heat sticks around the next few days.

St. Anthony Bulldog Bingo

Claire Kojis Pilgreen and Aimee Hayes preview St. Anthony Bulldog Bingo Night

Perfect Fit Pancake Fundraiser

Will and Lisa Harp talk about the annual Perfect Fit Pancake Fundraiser

Food Fellows Program

Applications are being accepted for the Louisiana Food Fellows Program


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