Potential Changes to Farm Bill Could Increase Sugar Prices

Congress is in the midst of refining plans to this year's Farm Bill that could affect everything from how you take your coffee to the local economy.

Hot jobs! Workers deal with extreme heat

As temperatures rise, heat-related illness and sun exposure become much more of a threat to those who work outdoors.

Is the definition of milk changing?

Federal regulators are calling for changes, specifically, which products can be labeled as 'milk'.

Louisiana campers talk to astronaut

A group of campers from Louisiana went to infinity and beyond as they spoke to an astronaut in space!

Preview the Folk Festival at NSU

John Dechiaro is one of many artists who will be performing at the 39th annual festival kicking off today.

City Summer Theatre Camp

Lagniappe Theatre is teaming up with the City of Alexandria for a summer camp

Big Bend Museum

Drop by the museum near Bordelonville for a look at small-town Louisiana's past.


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