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Weather with Trevor: Meet Kaden Kuykendall

Weather with Adam - Cyira Barbay

Weather with Trevor-Lenzie Buller

Weather with Trevor: Kyle Connor

Weather with Trevor: Abby Marlowe

Weather With Trevor - Spencer Brown

Weather with Trevor: London Brown

Weather With Trevor - Lindsey Purvis

Weather With Trevor - Arianna Lopez

Weather With Trevor - Isaac Poole

Weather With Trevor - Kendrick Wright

Weather With Trevor - Daveigh Patterson

Weather With Trevor - Beau Soileaux

Weather With Trevor - Justin Hilton

Weather With Trevor: Camille Giordano

Weather with Trevor - Sladen Baker

Weather with Trevor: Steven Velasco

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Weather can be fun, and KALB is thrilled to share the excitement with kids interested in weather!

KALB and Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier invite fun, outgoing, and weather-loving kids to help deliver weather forecasts during the Jambalaya Morning News Show.

Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age will have the opportunity to learn the basics of weather forecasting and will broadcast the forecast on-air with Trevor.

Tell us why your child loves weather in a few short sentences and Trevor may choose your child to do a weather segment with him! Click on the link below to sign up!

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