Conserve water advisories, boil orders for Cenla

Water Advisories
Water Advisories(KALB via Canva)
Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 10:16 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 21, 2023 at 9:29 AM CDT
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  • Town of Colfax residents, you should be receiving water at this time. As the pressure continues to build, we ask that you conserve as much as possible (do not wash vehicles or water lawns). BOIL ADVISORY is effective until further notice.
  • Water Works District 3 in the Singer area: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Water Outage on the North end of the system. We are forced to turn the water off on the North end of the system because of a busted water main from the fires. Water outage begins at Newlin Cemetery Rd and ends at Ben Elston Road, and all intersecting roads in this area. (Mitchell Loop, Grantham, Dude Slaydon, McGregor Rd, Jim West, Iut Cooley, and any other roads on the north end). Parts of Hwy 110E to Ashworth Road. (including Beehive Loop, and any intersecting road in this area). If you lose water, you will be on a Precautionary Boil Advisory once the water is restored. Due to the raging fire, leaks have developed on this end of the system causing a loss of water, we must shut the water off to save the integrity of the water system. We will not be able to make any repairs until the fire has subsided, and it is safe for us to begin to access the damage and make repairs.
  • Town of Coushatta - They ask that water only be used domestically, like for cooking and personal hygiene. Customers are asked not to use water for filling pools, watering the lawn, gardening or for washing vehicles.
  • The Village of Forest Hill water pumps are working at capacity and to ensure water is available for all customers, please limit your water usage especially when watering your grass or plants.
  • Buckeye Water District #50 is asking all customers to please conserve water. Due to the current drought and extreme heat, we have been experiencing high demand and high production levels which is causing stress on our wells with the inability to keep up with the high demand. Over the last several weeks we as a system are producing on average 1.3 million to 1.4 million gallons of water each day and now with school starting, we will only see those numbers rise as days go on. We ask that you please use water when only necessary, and please try to keep all other unnecessary uses to a minimum. We understand that there are some who will have to water their animals but for things such as watering grass, waterslides, washing cars, etc. we are asking you to please hold off until further notice.
  • Water Works District #3 of Rapides Parish is asking customers to conserve water.
  • BROWN WATER AND WATER CONSERVATION IN NATCHITOCHES: Due to the lack of rain and extreme temperatures throughout the state, the mineral content of the lakes, rivers, and streams is severely concentrated. Our water treatment process is very complex involving multiphase treatment; however, the extreme concentration of minerals in the water is allowing some breakthroughs. Particularly, manganese is causing the tinted and discolored water you may be noticing at your tap. We are aware of this issue and have made multiple changes to continue to combat this problem. The water remains safe to drink as this is an aesthetic issue only. Weekly bacteriological sampling continues to be conducted and results remain negative affirming again that the water remains safe to drink. Mayor Williams seriously urges the residents of Natchitoches and other water customers to conserve as much water as possible during this unprecedented national heat wave. Matt Anderson and employees created and published conservation tips more than a week ago. In order for this situation to improve, we need all of water customers to implement these conservation strategies in their daily activities.


  • Town of Boyce: Sycamore Street
  • Town of Colfax
  • Central Grant Water Systems has issued a boil advisory for Newton Rd. and Morris Lane in Dry Prong

What to do once a boil advisory has lifted:

Run cold water faucets for one minute * Run drinking water fountains for one minute * Flush automatic ice makers (make three batches of ice and discard) * Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle * Run water coolers with direct water connections for five minutes.

If you have any boil advisory information, click here to send us an email. Please include the organization issuing the advisory and all of the areas affected. Remember to let us know when the advisory has been lifted.

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