LSUA’s Ellis and Adebutu lead player only workouts

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 6:20 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - No one plans to train for the season during a pandemic, but LSUA seniors Brandon Ellis and Jordan Adebutu are doing that.

“This has been the hardest time in my life to get in the gym” Adebutu said. “We’ve just been determined.”

The two fifth-year seniors are running player led workouts because the NAIA won’t allow coaches to be there.

“With being a seniors, you just have to learn from guys before you” Ellis said. “You take each year that you’ve learned, build on it, and pass it down to the younger guys.”

LSUA’s athletic facilities and gyms were closed back in march which meant players had no public court to get shots up.

When Louisiana entered phase two, ‘The Fort’ open.

“The energy is just different in here for us,” Adebutu said. “This is our second home. Being in ‘The Fort’ just feels more natural.”

“It feels good being back in here,” Ellis said. “It feels good to have the feel of the court and the feel of the rims. The atmosphere is just different.”

Like every athletic program, players check their temperatures before working out and then can hit the court.

Ellis and Adebutu are there around nine in the moring.

“It feels good to be back in the gym,” Adebutu said. “We get the chance to build that chemistry, workout, see each other, and improve. It’s no better feeling. We’re in here getting each other better because iron sharpens iron.”

With hoops back, both players appreciate the game more than before.

“The game is so important to me,” Ellis said. “This is what I live for. I do this every day. I work to get better at the game and to have it taken away from me so abruptly, it was terrible.”

“You don’t realize how much you take it for granted until it’s gone,” Adebutu said. “My love for the game has grown even more.”

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