Randall Hargis retires from Louisiana College

Hargis leaves a 35-year legacy of excellence
Randall Hargis
Randall Hargis(Julie Blalock | Louisiana College)
Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 9:31 AM CDT
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PINEVILLE, La. (Louisiana College) - In 1985, Mr. Randall Hargis became Louisiana College’s Business Office Manager. In 2020, he leaves as Vice President for Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President.

“The end of June marks the end of an era and the beginning of a legacy,” said Louisiana College President Dr. Rick Brewer. “In the five years of my association with him, I observed that Randall’s mind is as sharp as his pencil. With a commitment tempered by faith and facts, he has helped guide the College through some troubled waters. No college president could want for a more competent and trusted confidant than Randall Hargis.”

Randall Hargis
Randall Hargis(Louisiana College)

The employee who has worked most closely with Hargis through the decades is Beverly Ingram, Business Office Director. She states: “I have worked directly with Mr. Hargis for 30 years. I can tell you that he is one of the greatest individuals I have ever known. He is a man of highest moral and ethical values. By example, he set high standards for all of his employees. He loves his family and he loves LC. Mr. Hargis truly looked at his career here as a calling, not as a job. He has seen us through some great times and through some very tough times. His absence will be noticed. I know I will definitely miss him.”

Dr. Lillian “Lil” Purdy -- Professor of English and Coordinator for Academic Advising -- came to Louisiana College a year after Hargis. She notes: “When I think of Randall Hargis, I think of a quiet rudder that continually guides the ship and keeps it both right side up and heading the correct direction. One of my first encounters with Vice President of Business Affairs Randall Hargis involved a student who had been signed up for the wrong class. The student could not get his course fee back, but when I timidly approached Mr. Hargis about the fee, he told me that if the mistake was on the college’s side, then the student should be reimbursed. I have always appreciated his choice to put the student’s financial needs first as well as his integrity. Those of us who work here will never know how many financial pitfalls Mr. Hargis has protected the school from falling through. I wish him the best in his retirement.”

Former LC President Dr. Rory Lee reflected on Hargis as an employee, a Christian, and a friend. “From the very beginning of my tenure, I knew we had a jewel in Randall Hargis,” Lee said.

“During the first couple of years our financial situation was pretty tight,” Lee said. “I’m a numbers guy, and Randall was a numbers guy. He was looking at the numbers and guided us even before he was Vice President for Business Affairs. He never let me down.”

“Randall is a strong Christian man,” Lee continued. “He has a quiet influence upon many people with his Christian witness. He was a real blessing to me, a real rock.”

Lee said that “playing golf with Randall was a treat. He is a great guy. I know Louisiana College will miss him.”

“Trying to honor such a man in a measure equal to the stalwart service Randall has rendered is simply impossible,” Brewer said.

Nonetheless, President Brewer designated the offices where Hargis spent most of his career as the “Randall Hargis Business Office Suite.”

During LC’s April 2020 Board of Trustees meeting, Brewer announced the formation The Randall Hargis Excellence in Accounting Scholarship for five students who possess the minimum ACT score of 28.

“That really took me by surprise. I can’t believe 35 years have passed. This has been a wonderful experience. I will miss it in many ways, but it’s time to move on.”

Randall Hargis

Attendees honored Hargis with a standing ovation.

Mrs. Evelyn Dean, CPA, has joined LC as the Executive Director for Financial Services/CFO after serving in the Payne, Moore, & Harrington accounting firm since 2009.

Hargis is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Society of Louisiana Certified Accountants, the Alexandria Chapter of the Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of College and University Business Officers, and the Southern Association of College and University Business Officers. As a Licensed Certified Public Accountant in Louisiana, he met the requirement of completing at least 80 hours of continuing education every two years.

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