‘But I don’t want to wear it!‘: Tips for getting kids used to face masks

Gov. Edwards rules require kids eight and up wear face masks
Getting your kids to comply with the mask mandate may be easier said than done.
Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 4:49 PM CDT
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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Vinyl Essentials in Pineville is fully stocked with face wear of all sizes, including some just for the kids.

“We do have like the LSU, the Saints, but also have like Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, just really fun patterns for the kids,” says owner Eranda Noah. The person behind the pattern is Joann Dupuy, who fills the orders from local businesses for cotton, reversible, machine washable face masks for kids. “If they’re too big or too tight they’ll pull them off and comfort is the most important part,” says Dupuy.

Vinyl Creations stocks a variety of face masks in different sizes and patterns for kids,...
Vinyl Creations stocks a variety of face masks in different sizes and patterns for kids, including some with licensed characters.(KALB)

With Governor Edwards’ newest regulations, kids eight and up are required to wear face masks and the CDC recommends that children two and up also wear one.

“It’s big to focus on and talk about germs and the spread of germs and how wearing a mask protects you from getting the bad germs from someone else but giving your germs to someone,” says Tracy Alletag, nurse manager for Rapides Regional Women and Children’s Hospital’s NICU and Well Baby Nursery.

Alletag says the most important thing you can do is have a talk with your child about why masks are necessary and let them ask questions, along with getting them used to wearing one.

“Before going in public, wear the mask around the house, put that mask on their favorite stuffed animal, incorporate that into their day to day play, leave masks in their playroom, let them put it on, see mommy and daddy wearing a mask,” she said.

If kids get used to wearing them now, masks will be in their daily routines once school is back in session. “You can talk about how it used to just be doctors and nurses wearing a mask but now everybody is because everybody’s here to help and fight the pandemic,” says Alletag.

Getting the right sized mask is equally important, along with letting them choose a fun pattern or color that matches a family member.

“They just get more excited when they see something that’s geared more towards them, but I also think the sizing helps because there’s not that many kids masks out there,” added Noah.

Dupuy suggests letting the kids get a mask that matches a family member. “That’s a big plus with children. I have one just like my mom and dad.”

Vinyl Essentials is located on Highway 28E in Pineville. Adult and children’s face masks range from $8-15.

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