Teachers at Menard High School preparing their classrooms

Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 4:51 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Teachers at Menard Central High School are preparing their classrooms for the return of students as the upcoming school year approaches.

The teachers have been doing professional development since May. The students will be using all of the virtual resources while at school, so they will be familiar with it in the event of in-person classes being canceled.

Teachers will also be putting up Plexiglas in between computers in computer labs, the library, and other areas where students cannot stay six feet apart.

Tonya Shepherd, a Physics and Robotics teacher at Menard, said she will continue to allow students to participate in group work for projects, but there will be added safety measures.

Shepherd said, “All of my students will have face shields in addition to being required to wear masks while they’re working in groups. Anytime they’re not six feet apart they have to have a mask and a face shield. In my room, we are redesigning the room and are going to have a pegboard on one wall for storage of all their shields. Every student gets their own shield, and they will leave it in the classroom. They don’t take it with them, and it gets sanitized and disinfected every day.”

The teachers are also trying to limit the exchange of materials so there will be fewer hard copies given out in the classroom.

Another teacher at Menard, Heather Benton, who teaches high school speech and sociology along with junior high history, said that she normally takes her classes on field trips, but this year may be different for her.

“I have always been one to go out and teach. I have always been big on field trips, so I can see myself doing virtual field trips with my students. They might be at home, and I might be at an historical place in town and do a virtual field trip while we’re all together but in different locations,” said Benton.

Students at Menard are scheduled to return to school on Friday, August 7.

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