Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall gave August State of the Community Update

Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 5:38 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall gave his August State of the Community Update at the Johnny Downs Sports Complex.

There was an added emphasis in Mayor Hall’s update on the future of Johnny Downs. The mayor said that the plan is still in place to have the complex rebuilt in time for the Dixie World Series next July.

“We want this complex restored not to how it was, but even better than it was before,” said Hall.

One of the improvements that is in the plan for the facility is the turfing of all the infields. However, the money that will be used for the turfing is not coming from the insurance settlement, so that topic will have to go in front of the city council for approval.

Mayor Hall is hoping for the project to be completed by May, but Keith “Skip” Fox, the president of the Dixie Softball Program said the project is on a short timeline.

“We’re definitely in the crunch right now, it’s like the 9th inning. We have to get this started as soon as possible, or we will have to forfeit the world series. I have faith that the mayor and the city council will get this done,” said Fox.

Johnny Downs wasn’t the only topic of discussion at the update as Mayor Hall talked about schools starting back up in Alexandria. The mayor said the city has donated 900 masks to faculty and students who need one to stay safe.

Hall said, “I think the superintendent and the leadership have done the best they could to prepare to protect all.”

Mayor Hall also said that bringing in minority business owners to the City of Alexandria has been a problem for over a decade and he wants to change that.

“That’s why we hired business consultants to come in and do an independent study which is called a disparity study to of the products and service that we utilize and require as compared to the venders who are nearby. Then we will begin to try to identify D.B.E., disadvantaged business enterprises, as well as minorities, disabled veterans, and things of that nature, and why aren’t they able to bid on some of these products,” said Hall.

The mayor hopes this study will help start a diversity program to close some of the gaps within minority-owned businesses in Alexandria.

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