City of Alexandria encourages business owners to participate in disparity study

Study designed to encourage more diversification in awarding of City contracts
Photo Source: KALB
Photo Source: KALB(Source: KALB)
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 3:27 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (City of Alexandria) - Starting this week, Customer Research International (CRI) will be calling Alexandria businesses on behalf of Keen Independent Research, a national economic consulting firm, to gather data about marketplace conditions and to identify any disparities there may be with City of Alexandria contracting for minority- and women-owned firms and other small businesses in the local market.

“As I mentioned in my State of the Community update last week, one of the priorities of my administration is working to ensure that we have a level playing field for local businesses when it comes to obtaining contracts for City projects,” explained Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “When the City needs to contract for services, such as road construction, professional services or providing goods and supplies, we want to get a diverse group of bidders that includes minority- and women-owned firms and other small businesses. The goal of this study is to help us do a better job of making our opportunities available to more local businesses.”

To conduct the study, during the next several weeks CRI will be calling businesses to gather information about companies in Central Louisiana. The study team is examining conditions in the construction, professional services, and goods and services industries with a focus on equity in City procurement.

“I encourage businesses to participate in this study and answer the questions posed during the telephone survey,” Hall said. “We need to get your honest feedback and insights so we can make sure our workflows ensure the broadest possible participation. We want every local business that is interested in working with the City to have an opportunity to bid on and be awarded a contract.”

While participation in the telephone survey is preferred, businesses wishing to provide feedback may complete a downloadable PDF of the survey from the study website at

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