Suddenlink’s CEO visits with Louisiana elected officials

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 10:26 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 24, 2020 at 10:33 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KALB) - Nearly one month after Hurricane Laura, Suddenlink’s CEO finally made his way to Louisiana from New York. The visit allowed him the chance to see the damage with his own eyes, and it also gave him a chance to evaluate his company’s performance.

The meeting came after two Suddenlink representatives took a grilling at the state capitol last Friday (Sept. 18).

“I bet you couldn’t answer questions of why you have so many FCC complaints,” Mike Johnson, a State Representative (District 27) stated during the Joint Commerce meeting on Sept. 18. “I bet you can’t explain why people are saying that they’re being sold and paying for services, speeds that your equipment can even accommodate.”

“Since this is being videoed, I hope that the CEO is paying attention,” Chuck Owen, a State Representative (District 30), followed up.

On Thursday evening at Suddenlink facility in Lake Charles, Dexter Goei, Suddenlink’s CEO, tried to address those concerns.

“What we clearly can do is be better coordinated with our various partners and communicate a lot better with our customers, and the local officials,” Goei stated.

Goei spent a lot of time talking about the company’s restoration efforts.

“I believe we’re at 93% back online in Alexandria,” Goei said.

While those numbers sound good, Rep. Johnson says it’s not enough.

“That other 10 percent of the people are calling me every day,” Rep. Johnson responded. “It sure seems like it’s more than 10 percent it’s down, but the only number I’m gonna be happy with is 100 percent.”

Another big topic discussed during the press conference was Suddenlink’s customer service, which many people say was a problem before Hurricane Laura.

“We’ll take that to heart,” Goei said. “We’re going to revisit it very carefully.”

Goei met with lawmakers in a closed-door meeting, and three of them said they were happy with what they heard, but now they want to see the results.

“I wish it would have happened two weeks ago,” Rep. Owen said. “I don’t necessarily understand how all this works, but I am convinced that they’re moving as hard as they can right now.”

“I think that they have a good understanding of the failures in their customer service centers,” Michael Reese, a State Senator (District 30) said. “You know, we just have to see how they respond to it.”

“I don’t think this is the first time he’s heard this,” Rep. Johnson said. “I know they’ve just gotten in trouble in New Jersey, with similar types of complaints. But I don’t think he’s necessarily met people from Louisiana before. And we have a very clear way of expressing ourselves, so I think he left understanding that this isn’t going away.”

Goei said he will be making his way back to Louisiana, but did not give a timeline nor date.

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