Allen Parish prepares for Hurricane Delta

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 10:50 PM CDT
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OBERLIN, La. (KALB) - Allen Parish has a mandatory evacuation in place ahead of Hurricane Delta. On Thurs. Oct. 8, the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office also issued a curfew for 8 p.m. It’s effective until officials recall it. Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert said non-essential workers could possibly get a citation if they brake curfew.

Hebert wanted to remind residents to put the finishing touches on preparation, especially given the fact that Hurricane Laura did so much damage to the area.

“You don’t wish it on anybody else, but hey we could use a break. But at the same time incredibly resilient folks here...incredibly community-minded,” Hebert said. “I mean this is rural America and I absolutely believe that we are different from other people in the best of ways. And I have no doubt that will continue through this storm. People will help one another. They will do what needs doing, and we’ll get through this. It’s just one more hiccup in 2020.”

He said APSO is strictly enforcing the curfew.

One of the hardest-hit Allen Parish areas during Laura was the Fairview community. The school was heavily damaged. Now they are bracing for Delta, just as they were making some progress from Laura.

“It is disheartening. The first storm Laura, y’all saw the damage that was done. Fairview has been back in school for four or five days so that is kind of discouraging,” Allen Parish Superintendent Kent Reed said.

Reed said roofers and contractors began working on the buildings and they were headed in a positive direction.

Posted by KALB News Channel 5 on Thursday, October 8, 2020

“This is obviously a setback and we are very disappointed, but as soon as it is over with, we are going to try to move forward and get things going again,” Reed explained.

As the rain started pouring down in Allen Parish, some people were getting supplies and gas at Carol’s Supermarket. The entire roof was covered with blue tarps from Hurricane Laura. After experiencing Laura, many people did have some fear, but they still did their best to prepare for Delta. Mahendra Kamdar, Carol’s Supermarket owner, said his family rode out Laura in the store.

“It was very scary. Hurricane Laura hit the whole roof across the street that time,” Kamdar explained, as his son noticed a leak falling from their patched ceiling.

A mother and daughter visited to stock up on gas for their generator, hoping to save their food, unlike their Laura experience.

“Oh my God I’m scared,” Allen Parish resident Samantha said. “I have six kids, so I’m not prepared I never am, but we’ll just see what happens.”

A man who has lived in Allen Parish for his entire life said he’s never experienced a storm like Laura.

“I ain’t wishing nothing on nobody else, but we really don’t need it right now, but what can we do?” Ronald Tilley explained.

Samantha’s daughter shared what it’s like for her.

“It’s very scary at a young age like I am, I’m confused on what I could do to help everybody. It’s very scary,” Karina said.

A Beauregard Parish resident traveled to Carol’s for gas.

“We went through a lot of hurricanes and everything, but Laura killed us. Now I don’t know what to expect out of this one you know, but I just kind of don’t know where to go,” Farrell West said.

Kamdar’s message to his community is to “be as safe as much as you can. Other stuff may be replaced, but not the life.”

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