‘Dark Woods Haunted Attraction’ in Natchitoches scares visitors COVID safe

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 8:00 PM CDT
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NATCHITOCHES, La. (NSU-TV) - The “Dark Woods Haunted Attraction” in Natchitoches isn’t letting COVID-19 spook the fun.

The attraction is one of the top-rated haunted entertainment destinations in Louisiana, welcoming crowds from all over the country. It has been spooking adrenaline junkies for the past five years with their haunted trail and psychedelic clown carnival attractions.

Dark Woods came to life in the years before COVID-19 and long before most had heard the term “social distancing.” So, for its sixth season, the attraction who built its reputation on close-up scares had to make drastic changes.

“We have everything from social distance required signage, which is basically all we can do to help manage, crowd managers designated inside the park to make sure crowds aren’t too large, excessive hand washing/hand sanitization stations, masks are required by both staff and by visitors,” said Jason Summerlin, the co-owner and operator of Dark Woods.

Not only are the visitors asked to follow precautions, the ghouls, ghosts and goblins are also taking part.

Although safety measures are in full swing, that’s not stopping fear seekers from enjoying their fun.

“I didn’t really notice it all that much, but I guess that was a good thing because it kept us safe, and they kept their distance from us. So, I felt safe during the entire thing,” said visitor Darvy Clarketlenn.

The limited capacity did cause some visitors to leave early before viewing the Halloween carnival.

“We’re not waiting in line because it’s getting late and they’re only letting in groups of four, and we, unfortunately, have to leave before even seeing that, so that’s a bummer. But it was still fun for the most part,” said visitors Jessica Bias and Morgan Bowen.

Most visitors found that Dark Woods remained full of chills, thrills and ghostly family fun, even if they had to wait a little longer in line to enjoy the adventurous outing.

The park will be open again from Oct. 29 through Oct. 31. If you haven’t made it out yet, NSU Demon Night will be Thursday, Oct. 22. Remember to bring your id.

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