Future of Bringhurst Field in jeopardy after recent fire

Published: Nov. 16, 2020 at 5:39 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A recent fire at Bringhurst Field in Alexandria destroyed the visitor’s locker room at the facility. This is the second major fire to have caused damages to the field since 2014.

The field is almost 90 years old and was built to be the home of the Alexandria Aces baseball team. However, since the team stopped playing at Bringhurst Field in 2013, the field has been sparsely used.

With a lack of professional and even amateur teams playing at the field, the facility has fallen into poor conditions, including shattered windows, broken bleachers and flooded dugouts.

Alexandria City Councilman At-Large Jim Villard said the facility hasn’t been taken care of because there has been a lack of activity at the field.

“The stadium is almost condemned. The area that we use for the seating needs to be completely redone and as far as the main structure of it, you can’t even go up in the stadium," said Villard.

Parks and recreation has been a topic of discussion for the Alexandria City Council, but the majority of the focus has been on the Johnny Downs Sports Complex. Villard said although he doesn’t think professional baseball will return to Bringhurst Field, he hopes that the city can still use it for other purposes.

“The best thing we can do, and I don’t know if it could happen because the administration and the council have not talked about Bringhurst Field recently, is to keep the front side of it and make it more of a green space or a place to have outdoor activities,” Villard said.

Villard doesn’t expect millions of dollars to be put into Bringhurst Field like the council is doing with Johnny Downs. The main construction that has been done to Bringhurst Field most recently has been the addition of the Coughlin Saunders Inclusive Playground.

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