‘Don’t Say Goodbye’: Performing artist writes song about losing a loved one to COVID-19

Peter Gallinari
Peter Gallinari(Peter Gallinari)
Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 8:52 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 3, 2021 at 8:55 AM CST
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(KALB) - If you’ve lost someone to COVID-19, you may have wished for just one more day, one more moment with your loved one.

“I’ve been watching the news every day, seeing people lose their partners and best friends, and then it really came to home, when I knew somebody who lost their partner.”

Peter Gallinari is a New York native who moved to Nashville, Tennessee for business and to pursue his passion for music. But when his friend lost his wife to COVID-19, it inspired a powerful song that so many of us can relate to, especially during this pandemic.

“I write songs for a reason, from the heart,” Gallinari said. “And this was one of those moments where I just had to walk into my studio room and write this song and release my energy and emotions through my music.”

His song “Don’t Say Goodbye” is an emotional piece that takes us through the journey of a man who suddenly loses his wife, but Gallinari says that anyone could relate to it who has lost a loved one.

“I started getting teary-eyed, thinking that could have been me in that situation. It’s real. It’s happening every day,” he said.

Gallinari explained that writing this song, as well as other songs he’s written, is both a way for him to cope with the emotions and to give back and help others going through difficult times.

“That song tells a story of what could happen unexpectedly, for no reason,” he said. “In my eyes, dying of COVID is no reason to die. It wasn’t because of age or being sickly or another disease. And that really, really hurts.”

He hopes the song will remind listeners not to take anyone for granted and to tell their loved ones how much they mean to you.

At first, the song was meant for his friend. But just two weeks ago, Gallinari says he lost a cousin to COVID-19 as well. Now, it’s even more personal.

“This was a guy who never drank, never smoked, healthy as a horse,” said Gallinari. “A young man with a family, wife and kids, and it went so fast. That really hit home. It was devasting for us.”

Gallinari hears “Don’t Say Goodbye” a little differently now.

“I put it on once in a while, I’ll fire it up and I’ll play it,” he said. “And I really get teary-eyed with it. Certain songs really impact you. This one is so personal to me. It hit me more so than my other songs.”

Gallinari hopes that his music can touch others going through difficult times. But he also hopes his story will inspire others to never give up on their dreams. He said he started his music career at 18, but didn’t really get discovered until he was 44.

“You gotta stay humble,” he said. “Money’s not the whole thing at this point. It’s being able to give something back to someone who is hurting and if you’re able to do that, why not?”

He also hopes that “Don’t Say Goodbye” will remind people to take the pandemic more seriously.

“The whole COVID thing, it’s serious,” he said. “It’s not a joke. People complaining about wearing a mask. I just think this is serious. I’ve lost too many close friends back in New York. I’m talking about a handful of people. It’s really scary and I think the reality is sinking in that we need to take care of ourselves but also we need to take care of others. If you don’t want to respect yourself, then at least respect someone else around you. You’re taking it home to a family member – how would you feel if you took it home to them?”

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