Compton, Morlte families file lawsuit against City of Alexandria

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 5:07 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Two families filed a lawsuit against the City of Alexandria on Wednesday, August 4 for a murder that happened earlier in 2021.

The families of Destiny Compton and Ashley Morlte filled the lawsuit, saying the police department has a lack of accountability and transparency, which ultimately lead to the death of their daughters.

Destiny Compton and Ashley Mortle were victims of a double homicide that happened in February.

According to the report from the Alexandria Police Department, both women were shot by Mortle’s ex-boyfriend, Ke’Ron Nickelson, just hours after he allegedly attacked Morlte in a Walmart parking lot.

KALB obtained a copy of the official lawsuit that was officially filed with the court on Wednesday. In it are claims of negligence, claiming Compton and Morlte visited the police station hours before their death.

According to the lawsuit, the two women told APD Officer Joseph Rachal that Nickelson attacked and threatened to kill them.

His reply was allegedly to “come back Monday.”

“Cause I was with my baby on the sixth when she was at the police station,” said Ashley Mortle’s mother, Temekia Brown. “I was with her, and I asked Officer Rachal, ‘How am I supposed to protect her?’”

Both women were killed a couple of hours after they were at the police station, just before 1 a.m. at Compton’s apartment.

Also in the suit, there are claims that Alexandria police had GPS coordinates of Nickelson’s location after he allegedly stole Morlte’s cell phone during the attack at Walmart. His location was allegedly right outside of APD.

“I don’t know what the officer might have received about the situation,” said Destiny Compton’s father, Wayne Compton. “He didn’t handle it right. We know he didn’t handle it right. That’s why we’re here today.”

We asked Jermaine Harris, the attorney representing the families, “What’s the ultimate outcome you are looking for?”

“We are looking for accountability,” Harris said. “And I think there has been no accountability in this case.”

Both families say they received little to no communication from the mayor’s office as well.

We reached out to the city’s administration and have yet to hear back. We will be following this case and providing you with updates as they become available.

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