Second amendment sanctuary motion halted in Avoyelles Parish

The Avoyelles Parish Police Jury voted against the second amendment sanctuary motion.
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 6:35 PM CDT
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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - In the past few months, Rapides, Grant and Vernon parishes have declared themselves “second amendment sanctuaries.” On Tuesday, October 12, a similar motion was on the table for Avoyelles Parish. The move would’ve made changes to the parish’s public policy, making it known where the parish stands in the gun control debate, but the motion failed to pass.

The vote was a three to four vote, and Avoyelles Parish Police Jury President Kirby Roy said he was the most surprised of all that it failed.

”I was kinda shocked. We had quite a few people there and the problem we had is we had committee meetings last Wednesday and the problem we had was the word ‘sanctuary,’” he said.

According to Roy, many voters felt uncomfortable with the use of the word “sanctuary.” Now, the police jury will find a way to remove the word “sanctuary” and replace it in the motion.

”We’re looking for a word to replace ‘sanctuary’. Something like ‘safe haven.’ But we’re going to put another proclamation together, but we’re gonna remove the word ‘sanctuary,’” Roy said.

While the police jury’s president did not exercise his right to vote Tuesday night, he had this to say about declaring Avoyelles a second amendment sanctuary parish:

”It’s our right. It’s the second amendment. It’s our privilege.”

The police jury will put the second amendment sanctuary motion up again on the second Tuesday of November.

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