Sen. Cassidy talks infrastructure in Alexandria

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 7:10 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy spoke at the Alexandria Convention Center on Wednesday, October 13, answering questions about a proposed infrastructure bill that he helped author.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act totals 1.1 trillion dollars for things like roads and bridges, airports and rural broadband.

Senator Cassidy spoke on what benefits Central Louisiana will see from the bill if it passes.

“I’ve heard we have a problem with flooding. There’s 3.5 billion to mitigate flood risk,” said Cassidy. “I’ve heard we want an I-14 corridor, east-west. This bill is the first step. I’m speaking to someone in Grant Parish and she says ‘I’m sorry my cell phone and internet connections are lousy.’ This bill helps internet connections in areas that are not served well.”

One of the main points Senator Cassidy made was that the bill would help the construction of the I-14 corridor that would connect Odessa, Texas to Augusta, Georgia, with stops in Leesville and Alexandria.

In the bill, Louisiana has been allocated 7.25 billion dollars total, but the price tag for the infrastructure plan is too much for some, including Louisiana’s other senator, John Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy voted “no” on the bill earlier this year, calling it an inflation bomb, claiming it will hit working Americans the hardest with higher prices.

“I voted against this bill because I think it short changes Louisiana and America. We cannot afford infrastructure at any cost,” said Kennedy.

The bill is currently blocked and is waiting to be voted on in Congress, which is aiming to have a decision made before October 31.

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