How the manufacturing industry impacts Cenla’s economy

Manufacturing Month
Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 6:25 PM CDT
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CENTRAL LOUISIANA (KALB) - For the final week of Manufacturing Month, we got a general overview of the impact that the manufacturing industry has on Central Louisiana.

From manufacturers that started locally like AFCO and RoyOMartin, to larger manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble, they all play a significant role in the economy of Central Louisiana.

“Manufacturing plays a key role in the economy of Central Louisiana, and the growth that we’ve seen and creation of new jobs over the past number of years has largely come from our manufacturing sector with those that we have deciding to grow and add jobs,” said Deborah Randolph, the President of the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.

Larkin Simpson, the executive vice president for Louisiana Central, said that for every manufacturing job, seven affiliated jobs are created off of that, including truck drivers, restrainers and custodians. Some of these jobs can lead to careers in the industry.

“They may bring somebody in as an entry-level employee but they’re always thinking of the next step they can take them to, whether that be production level or management level or even a C level executive at some point. They want to see their people grow,” said Simpson.

The location of Central Louisiana is a major factor in the growth of the industry, as it is often less impacted by major storms and hurricanes and provides large enough quantities of land and materials that manufacturers need.

Also, the region’s higher education programs provide employers with well-trained and well-educated workers. With these factors, the manufacturing industry in Central Louisiana is expected to continue to grow.

“I fully think that manufacturing is going to grow in our region. We’re always trying to attract, we’re always trying to use our existing industry to talk to their suppliers, talk to their customers and see what they need and try and attract those things to help both our existing industry get stronger and strengthen, but also to attract new investment into the area,” said Simpson.

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