Alexandria filmmaker returns to Louisiana, discusses short film on Tubi

David Wendell Boykins, a filmmaker from Alexandria, discusses his short film "Mama's Song," which can be viewed for free on Tubi.
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 4:41 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - David Wendell Boykins is an actor, writer, filmmaker and director. Originally from Alexandria, Boykins attended Peabody Magnet High school, then graduated from Southern University. Boykins began his entertainment career in theatre, acting, as well as lighting and stage management.

A poster for the short film "Mama's Song," directed by David Wendell Boykins.
A poster for the short film "Mama's Song," directed by David Wendell Boykins.(Source: The BNM Publicity Group)

Perhaps his most notable production was a short film he wrote and directed called “Mama’s Song.” The film is set in California and surrounds two young brothers that help each other survive as they watch as their mother struggles with drug addiction and an abusive relationship.

“When I first wrote that, it was really staged out here (Louisiana), most of everything I have written I have written from the point of view of being from Louisiana,” said Boykins. “I’m in California, so I had to shoot it in California and had morphed it into being in California, but my mindset is the South. So, it’s really a southern story that I shot in California.”

The short film has won a few awards, including first place at the 2020 Cane River Film Festival. “Mama’s Song” can be watched for free on the streaming service Tubi. Boykins works out of Dallas but is currently in Louisiana shooting a documentary and said he plans on filming more productions in Louisiana. He had some advice for others interested in the entertainment industry:

“I believe just doing it. I’ve had many actors ask me over the years how I started or what classes I should take, what this and that, and I’m like, honestly, the best class I ever took for acting was to actually audition and get in a play. I learned more from doing the play than any class I ever came close to being in.”

To watch Mama’s Song for free, CLICK HERE. To learn more about David Wendell Boykins and his work, CLICK HERE.

Full Interview with David Wendell Boykins

David Wendell Boykins is a filmmaker from Alexander, La.

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