1,000 and counting: Marilyn Seeling wins ACA Athlete of the Week after scoring 1,000 points in her career

Meet this week’s ACA Athlete of the Week from Holy Savior Menard High School – Marilyn Seeling!
Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 6:20 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Menard’s Marilyn Seeling has scored 1,000 points in her career, and she is only a junior. This record has been on her mind since she started playing high school basketball.

“Throughout the summer, I was aware I was getting kind of close, so once I reached it, it was just a good feeling of accomplishment overall,” said Seeling.

Marilyn knew she reached 1,000 by the uproar of the crowd when she scored.

Seeling said, “I heard a lot of people in the stands going crazy. Plus a few of my friends have been keeping up with it and once I heard them yelling, I knew I accomplished it, and I felt all the hard work I did over the years start to pay off.”

The star point guard wasn’t always considered the best. She faced some adversity in the early part of her young career.

“I tried out in fifth grade, and I didn’t make the team and then I tried the next year for sixth grade, and it turns out I was pretty good and athletic, so I kept playing all throughout junior high and all throughout elementary. Then I was asked to play up in eighth grade with the high school team. I have been playing since.”

Head coach Jessica Sanders has coached Seeling for two years and says she saw something special when she first arrived.

“When she steps on the floor, she automatically makes everybody a better player. It’s like their skill level steps up. She is the only junior we have so, she is our leader from age to play and she leads by action on the floor. We definitely as coaches and players follow her lead in a lot of things,” said Coach Sanders.

Marilyn wants to play basketball on the next level, but there is something else she wants to do as well.

“If basketball doesn’t work out, I’m going to major in kinesiology. I want to become a physical therapist,” said Seeling.

Marylin says she just wants to help while being in the athletic field of study.

“I’m kind of into athletics like overall. Just helping people get through difficult times, working through those things and psychical therapists help with the athletic side of that, especially pushing through challenging times,” said Seeling.

Marylin Seeling’s basketball career has been a highlight reel — that’s why she’s our ACA Athlete of the Week.

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