ASH’s Daniel Gama kicks his way into the ACA Athlete of the Week

Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 6:36 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - ASH’s Daniel Gama has taken the steps to try to fill his dad’s shoes. This season he has four goals, including one in the playoff victory over Captain Shreve, helping the Trojans advance to the quarterfinals.

Even though Gama didn’t play right away to start off his high school career, he cherished the upperclassmen and what they brought to the team.

“Freshman year I was actually ineligible because I played eighth-grade varsity with Menard,” said Gama. “But seeing the players on the field, it was one of the best ASH teams we saw. The team chemistry they had and the success they had that year made me want to work harder and harder every year trying to contribute whenever I get out there.”

Head Coach Sons Pathoumthong said he loves Daniel’s energy, and the team responds to leadership well.

“He is a natural leader,” said Pathoumthong. “He demands the standard to be high from everyone. He leads us in prayer before every match. He doesn’t only have the attention of the underclassmen but these seniors as well.”

Gama said the game has been instilled in him since he was a child. But someone he looks up to the most taught him everything he knows about the game.

“Ever since I could walk, my dad was teaching me how to kick a soccer ball,” said Gama. “On the park, he would always have me juggling and doing things I always complain about, but he always tells me these are things that will make you great.”

Daniel said the older his dad gets, the better he gets at soccer.

“That guy was a baller,” said Daniel. “He still schools me sometimes because he has some knowledge of the game. Everything that he does, I admire him so much. My moves that you see on the field come from him as well.”

Playing in front of your role model makes you nervous because you don’t want to disappoint the person you look up to.

“It adds some extra pressure,” said Gama. “Apart from being my biggest supporter, he is my biggest critic, other than myself, because he always wants to point out the things that I have done wrong and tells me where I can be better.”

After years and years of having talks with his dad, there is one piece of advice that he said sticks with him.

“He is always telling me to work hard for what I want,“ said Gama. “Waking up early mornings, eating right, running when I have days off, doing everything to keep me fit to keep me playing at a hundred percent and that comes from him, to stay disciplined and plan to do my best.”

Gama’s willingness to make plays on both sides of the field, leadership and passion has earned him our ACA Athlete of the Week honors!

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