WATCH: Bald eagle takes a swim in Bayou Castine

Published: Mar. 7, 2022 at 4:33 PM CST
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MANDEVILLE, La. (WVUE) - Bald eagles are typically known for their elegant flying, skilled hunting, majestic strength and beauty. But they also possess a lesser-known talent: swimming.

Eagles won’t win any awards for style, reports Julie Craves, an avian researcher at the Rouge River Bird Observatory in Michigan, but they can swim. The behavior isn’t too unusual, she says.

Eagles are open-water foragers, catching fish straight out of rivers and lakes. Typically, they will spot a fish on the surface of the water and divebomb down, talons outstretched. Usually, they snatch the fish off the surface while keeping their feathers relatively dry, then fly back up into the air with a tasty meal.

Sometimes an eagle gets ahold of something that is too heavy or unwieldy to get into the air, but in a video shared to FOX 8, it appears an eagle simply wanted to take a dip.

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The video was captured along Bayou Castine near the Mandeville Lakefront. In it, the U.S. national bird is seen bobbing atop the water doing the avian equivalent of the butterfly stroke.

At first, it appears it may be carrying a large dinner, but it calmly strides onto the bank and takes off in the opposite direction empty-taloned.

Bald eagle takes a dip in Bayou Castine
Bald eagle takes a dip in Bayou Castine(WVUE)
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