Literacy advocate, Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell visits Cenla

Nine lucky schools in Cenla had a special visitor this week.
Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 7:09 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - From college football star at the University of Georgia to winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2017, Malcolm Mitchell has accomplished it all in his athletic career. Now, Mitchell is an author and champion of literacy, going across the country to underserved areas to speak to students about the importance of reading and encouraging them to hit the books.

“I had no idea what reading could do for you, I mean I had no clue,” said Mitchell. “So, I went through the process on how it enriched my life and I thought to myself, everybody needs to know about this because clearly there’s a group that missed that message, and I was a part of that group. So what could I do to make sure that everybody I come in contact with, every child in the world, understood what this could do for your life?”

Growing up, Mitchell struggled with reading. Only after joining a book club in college did he discover just how much he was missing out on. So, in 2016, Mitchell founded the Share the Magic Foundation and authored his first children’s book ‘The Magician’s Hat’, the book he reads to students during his presentations. During those presentations, Mitchell said he sees students dealing with many of the same challenges he faced as a child.

“Sometimes you’re dealt cards without knowing what game you’re playing, and that was kind of my life and the life for many people, you’re just trying to figure it out,” said Mitchell. “I think reading helps you figure that out a lot sooner.”

The Rapides Foundation helped bring Mitchell to Central Louisiana. Joe Rosier, the president of the organization, said the organization believes in the message Mitchell advocates for.

“When you look at being successful and education, early literacy is the ultimate, and so Malcolm certainly brought the emphasis to how important that is and hopefully built support for that,” said Rosier.

Despite his accomplishments on the football field, Mitchell said inspiring kids to read is an achievement he holds above all others.

“I would choose that over winning the Super Bowl any day of the week,” said Mitchell. “If it was just one child whose life was redirected because of the message that we send, I’d trade that, every day.”

For more information on Malcolm Mitchell and the Share the Magic Foundation, CLICK HERE.

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