New discrimination charges filed against RPSB

New discrimination charges were filed against the Rapides Parish School Board by two more teachers.
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 5:24 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 26, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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RAPIDES PARISH. (KALB) - On Monday, Sept. 26, two discrimination charges were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the Rapides Parish School Board and the Louisiana Department of Education.

The two charges stem from complaints made by two white teachers at Alexandria Middle Magnet School, claiming they have been subjected to racist comments as well as unequal treatment because of their race by their principal Mrs. Renisha Sampract-Beaudion, who is Black.

In one of the charges of discrimination documents, one teacher alleges that they heard Beaudion say “they just let another white man off the hook for killing a Black man, maybe Black people should start killing white people,” in reference to a national case in which a white shooter killed a Black man.

In that same case, it states “on numerous occasions, Mrs. Beaudion was overheard by several employees (who also filed complaints against her) for making unethical comments regarding race that degraded/belittled Whites.”

The second AMMS teacher’s discrimination charge states in part “because of the ongoing unlawful/ unethical treatment, I recently confronted Mrs. Beaudion about her behavior which appears to be acts of Disparate Treatment. Since confronting Mrs. Beaudion’s blunt behavior, and recording our conversations, Mrs. Beaudion has sought every way possible to terminate my employment” and “I believe, I have been subjected to ongoing acts of Race Discrimination, whereas my immediate supervisor Mrs. Renisha Sampract-Beaudion (African America-Black Female), has made it known with several microaggression comments, that she (Mrs. Beaudion) has an ill concept against Whites-Caucasians.”

Norris Guillot Jr., a Dallas-based Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate and Civil Rights Activist, represents the teachers and filed the charges on their behalf.

“We are demanding that the Rapides Parish School Board members and administrators step in and intervene and stop the ongoing discrimination, the ongoing retaliation that is taking place within the school district with employees,” said Guillot.

Guillot also told KALB that the school board did not properly respond to the grievances made by the employees in the time frame specified in the RPSB Policy Manual. Guillot said Beaudoin was named in previous discrimination charges and the school board has allowed the discrimination to continue despite the complaints.

”The Rapides Parish School Board seems to repeat the same pattern, I don’t know if they are taking this matter seriously, or if they understand it, or even if they have the qualifications to look into it and to correct the issues,” said Guillot. “There seems to be a blunt act of neglect, constantly these employees are filing the complaints to the superintendent, they are not getting a response back, they are being ignored.”

Guillot has now filed 12 discrimination charges against the school board in the past year, and seven of those have been mediated and resolved. Moving forward, the EEOC will decide whether the charges merit an investigation, which could lead to more resolutions.

RPSB Superintendent Jeff Powell released a statement to KALB that reads:

“We have been made aware of the recent pending EEOC complaints. Unfortunately, because it is rooted in a personnel issue and may give cause for investigation, we are not able to comment publicly on this situation. However, we do want the RPSB community to always have faith that when an employee grievance is filed or any other complaint or concern is reported, our intent is to always follow RPSB policy as well as state and federal laws. This potential case will be no exception. Let’s continue to show the world that Rapides Parish is truly #bettertogether”

Jeff Powel, RPSB Superintendent

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