Father of slain LSU student urges community to ‘Live Like Allie’ at candlelight vigil

Nearly two weeks after her murder, friends and family of Allie Rice were on Lsu's campus to try and keep her memory alive.
Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Nearly two weeks after her murder, friends and family of Allie Rice were on Lsu’s campus to try and keep her memory alive.

The family is hoping this tragedy sparks some much needed change in our community.

“Allie, you will forever be missed. And there are holes in our hearts which will never be filled,” said Paul Rice, Allie’s dad.

Family, friends, professors and classmates of the 21-year-old, showed up to LSU’s Greek Amphitheater to share their favorite memories of Allie.

“We all certainly want justice for Allie but that’s not enough. Let’s strive to be a community that lives like Allie. And to the start of a much-needed change,” said Rice.

“We would always, anytime there was karaoke around, we would always sing ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ in the movie Grease. That was always our sing to sing,” said Londyn Miller, Allie’s best friend.

Miller says Allie would never let the bad days affect her.

“She would always be how people who say. She would always smile, and she didn’t take anything to heart, and she knew if she was feeling this way and she didn’t want to do that, she would change that. And she knew how to do that. She would learn new things, she would make herself a happier person like she knew she wanted to be,” said Miller.

Rice was shot and killed two weeks ago while waiting for a train to cross on Government Street early in the morning.

“Before Allie’s tragic murder and in the past two weeks since, the gun violence in Baton Rouge has been escalating to unacceptable and dangerous levels. We all have our ideas and opinions as to why, and tonight is not the night to discuss these things,” said Rice.

People wore ‘Live Like Allie’ shirts and bracelets. They are both yellow, which was Allie’s favorite color.

“The ‘Live Like Allie’ mantra gives us a good example of things we can do, to change the way we interact with each other. To make an impact on other people’s lives,” said Rice.

Allie’s dad challenged those who showed up to look into their own hearts.

If people would honor them the same way if the unthinkable would happen.

“Obviously we want to catch who did this and that’s the first step to closure. But it doesn’t end there for us,” said Rice.

Rice says he will miss Allie’s smile, laugh and energy.

But he says her character, morals and essence will live on forever in their hearts.

“Let our community’s healing begin, let our change begin with the words ‘Live Like Allie,’ said Rice.

The family is adding locations as to where you can get those yellow bracelets on the ‘Live Like Allie’ Facebook page.

LSU President William Tate announced they will honor Allie’s academic accomplishments with a posthumous degree during a graduation ceremony in May.

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