I’m not Dunn yet: Micah Dunn continues to push past adversity

Micah Dunn overcoming adversity
Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 1:07 PM CST
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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - The ending of the Micah Dunn story isn’t written yet, but the beginning part of it wasn’t pretty.

Dunn was homeless as a teenager, which he said caused him to attend different schools.

“I was homeless at 15 years old,” Dunn said. “That was one of the reasons I left Airline High School to attend Southwood my junior year. But my since I was back on that side of town senior year I was able to go back to Airline.”

Dunn almost missed an opportunity to play his senior year. He said a few administrators helped him get eligible to get on the field one last time.

“My coach and principal helped me out big time,” Dunn said. “They drove down to Baton Rouge and went to bat for me and I’m thankful that they did that for me because wouldn’t have played my senior year.”

Dunn had some offers, but there was one school that was persistent, the LCU Wildcats. Former Offensive Coordinator Ben McLaughlin thought Dunn wasn’t interested because he didn’t respond back when he reached out. One day, he went back to Airline and asked about Dunn and he said when he heard what was going on, it pushed him harder to get him on LCU’s campus.

“Some of the coaches told me he was sleeping in the weight room,” said McLaughlin. “He was sleeping on some of the bench presses, we had to find a way to get him down to LCU because he needed a fresh start.”

Dunn finally made his way to Pineville to be a part of the Wildcats. Former LCU Wide Receiver Zion Williams said that his first encounter with him wasn’t a good one.

“I was trying to be a good teammate,” Williams said. “I seen that he wasn’t keeping his balance on the ladder so I tried to help him and he turned around and told me I got it.”

Dunn’s competitive attitude can rub people the wrong way. But he doesn’t mean it in a negative way, he said that it’s because all things he has been through are the reason he acts the way he does.

“I was leaving football practice not knowing where my next meal will come from,” Dunn said. “I was used to doing things on my own because the only person I can rely on was me.”

Dunn eventually started trusting people, and the offensive system of the Wildcats. He thrived in it, making multiple all-conference teams and having a 99-yard touchdown reception which is the longest score in the history of the Wildcats. Head Coach Drew Maddox said he is proud of what Dunn has accomplished but he knows its more to his story after college.

“I can’t wait to see what more he can accomplish,” Maddox said. ”None of this stuff matters right now. I want to hear from him in 10 years saying he is doing big things in life.”

Dunn went from being almost missing out on college to earning a degree, from being homeless to creating his own business. He said he enjoyed his path to get here, but he wishes he can change one thing.

“I wish I would have listened more,” Dunn said. “My problem was I didn’t want anyone’s help and I would to change that.

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