Dr. Jill Biden decks the halls with “We the People” holiday theme

77 trees and 83,000 lights now fill the halls of the White House
Bidens decorate White House with "We the People" theme
Bidens decorate White House with "We the People" theme(DC Bureau)
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 3:12 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Walking into the East Wing of the White House, you’re encompassed by a canopy of birch branches, snowballs and mirrors.

First Lady Jill Biden is working to bring the theme of reflection throughout the White House, with

trees dressed in bright gleaming gold stars, a reflection and remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Down the hall are the first pets, Commander and Willow, their first of several appearances - representing the gift of unconditional love.

Up the stairs to the East room, which hosts visiting heads of state and bill signings, clusters of snowy trees are a nod to our country’s natural wonders and national parks.

The real show-stopper towers in the blue room.  An 18 and a half foot concolor fir grown in Auburn Pennsylvania is the official White House Christmas tree. It soars from floor to ceiling, with every state bird perched on its branches - representing unity.

In the state dining room, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a gingerbread house. This massive White House replica takes up some serious real estate - made up of 20 sheets of cooking dough, 30 sheets of ginger bread, 30 pounds of chocolate and 40 pounds of royal icing. The whole thing tips the scale at over 350 pounds.

The White House says an estimated 50 thousand guests will shuffle through these halls this holiday season, taking in the sounds and sights. First Lady Jill Biden began these preparations back in May, working with her team to create this indoor arboretum of 77 trees, and 83 thousand lights. 150 volunteers, like Vanessa Bahena worked over the weekend to make Dr. Biden’s vision come to life.

“Volunteers have been hand cutting confetti, making ornaments and stripes, it’s all be done with a lot of love and it’s really neat to be apart of”

Biden says the theme of ‘We the People’ is a reminder of our shared values, optimism and unity.