The Perfect Pair of Trojans: Jaylin and Jordyn Johnson both hit game winning shots in same week

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 6:32 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The game of basketball forms a type of brotherhood within a team, and the ASH Trojans have a pair of brothers, Jaylin and Jordyn Johnson, whose bond goes beyond the court.

“I enjoy the time that he is here because he only has one more year after this one,” said Trojans sophomore point guard, Jordyn Johnson. “I have to make the best of it. We talk about a lot of stuff together too, so it brings us closer. Our trust is strong.”

Jaylin is the older brother, as he is a junior and Jordyn is a sophomore at ASH.

“Together, our chemistry has just been there from the jump, when we first started playing basketball, so it just comes naturally,” said Jaylin.

When the Johnson brothers are on the court, magic can happen as one dominates on offense and the other on defense, which creates the perfect pair.

“They are the same,” said Trojans Head Coach Lance Brasher. “They can both really score the ball. They are different in the way they go about it. Jaylin is more power, strength and post-up. Jordyn is smoother with finesse.”

Jaylin is known for his skills as a receiver on the ASH football team, but a few years ago the action on the hardwood piqued his interest.

“He was better than me at football, and I didn’t want to play,” said Jordyn. “I started playing basketball, and I was better than him so I kept playing. Then, he wanted to be just like me.”

“He used to not want to pass me the ball because he was better than me. Now he passes me the ball a little bit, just a little bit,” said Jaylin.

Both brothers hit clutch buzzer beaters in the same week this season against Pineville and Northwood to secure a win.

“We drew up a play, and one of the two guys was going to be open and it happened to be Jordyn that was open,” said Brasher. “He had not a made a shot all night and finally made the last shot. Jaylin’s was a little different. Jaylin came to the huddle and said, ‘Just give me the ball, I am going to win the game.’ He took the ball with three seconds and dribbled it the length of the floor and shot it over two people and made it.”

Being siblings always comes with a little competition and tough love as Coach Brasher puts them on separate teams during practice, but come gameday, the excitement starts with:

“Throwing lobs because I can’t dunk,” said Jordyn. “That is the fun part about the relationship we have, and how close we are. I like that, so that is why I like playing with him.”

For bond and the way the brothers have become key components on the ASH basketball team, Jordyn and Jaylin Johnson are this week’s ACA Athletes of the Week.

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