La. Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control investigating Bayview Yacht Club

Bayview owner defends bar saying incidents happening are outside, not inside
Bayview's owner is defending bar saying violent events are happening outside, not inside.
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 9:41 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - After a series of violent events over the last year, the popular Bayview Yacht Club off of Jackson St. in Alexandria is being looked into by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

The most recent event came less than two weeks ago back on May 13 when a 17-year-old when injured after a shooting outside the club.


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Since 1994, Bob Mahfouz, the owner of the Bayview, said his place of work was not just a popular spot, but a safe space. However, over the last year, his property has become a meeting place late at night where crime has broken out.

“When the incidents happen like they do, it’s the people out here,” said Mahfouz. “They are all over the place listening to music, drinking with bottles all over the place.”

After police were called to the Bayview last year following a “massive disturbance” and multiple shooters exchanging gunfire outside in the parking lot, Mahfouz said he beefed up security both inside and outside. He added that he’s even hired two off-duty police officers on the weekends. However, Mahfouz’s concern is that if the officers have to respond to another call, he’s tasked with controlling the crowds gathering outside in the parking lots.

“It’s hard to police six to eight parking lots,” said Mahfouz. “When the police come, they come when they can, but they don’t have enough personnel.”

Mahfouz did point out that none of the people connected to the violent events near his bar ever went inside of it including the 17-year-old minor.

“When we look at events especially when it deals with minors, that’s concerning,” said District 4 Alexandria City Councilwoman Lizzie Felter. “I want to look at what we can do to prevent that from happening. To me, that is 100 percent preventable.”

Mahfouz argues what would help is if more officers on patrol in the area would occasionally drive by to steer off those crowded neighboring parking lots and streets that are not there for the club.

“I don’t care what you do,” said Mahfouz. “They might move from this location, but they will find another location.”

The Alcohol and Tobacco Control told News Channel 5 that they were not made aware of any of the incidents at the Bayview until our reports were sent to them. While the investigation continues, the Bayview Yacht Club does remain open.

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