Mark Klein

Creative Services Director
Alexandria, LA

Mark Klein grew up at and on KALB-TV.

When he was in high school, he started volunteering at the station doing whatever odd jobs he could. During that time, he shot, edited and hosted a weekly travel feature on Jambalaya called “Weekend Drive,” that spotlighted family-friendly tourism destinations within a day’s drive of Central Louisiana. It was on these journeys that Klein realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life telling stories through television.

Fast forward a few years, and the stories were beginning to shift. Rather than focusing on the places that he visited, Klein began to realize that often times, the people of Louisiana are the true stories. That idea started an award-winning feature at KALB, “Down Home Louisiana,” a weekly segment that highlighted the ‘places and faces’ of the bayou state.

While working on Down Home Louisiana, Klein took on additional roles at “Your Local Station,” that ultimately led him to take charge of the Creative Services Department. In this role, he oversees the staff of people that are in charge of all the station’s promotion, marketing and local commercial production. He also leads the station’s innovative digital ventures. Lastly, he is proud to present the “Golden Apple Award” on-air to outstanding Central Louisiana Teachers weekly during the school year.

When not at KALB-TV or playing music with his band, The Side Men, Klein spends time with his family. He was blessed to meet his wife in college. They both have a Bachelor’s Degree in Convergence Media from Louisiana College. Each day he strives to be more like her and is thankful to have such a great inspiration by his side, and to have made Central Louisiana their home.

  • Louisiana College - Bachelor of Arts, Convergence Media
  • Oxford University - Jesus College Distinguished Scholar
  • Central High School - Central, Louisiana
  • Affiliations
  • The Side Men Band
  • Awards
  • Three-time nation-wide winner, Gray Television PSA Contest
  • Three-time AP award winner
  • Two-time Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Prestige Award Winner
  • National Religious Broadcasters Oxford Distinguished Scholar
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