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Nick Mikulas moved to Alexandria, Louisiana for two years, sixteen years ago. His goal was to learn how to do the weather on television, move onto the next station, and so on, until he reached his ultimate goal of doing the weather in a mid-sized city that provided blizzards, tornadoes, and everything in between.

Not your typical goal, but I’m not your typical guy. As you just experienced, I’m comfortable with switching from third to first person seamlessly.

While most people around here know that I love meteorology, and all things sky related, here are some other facts about me. I was born in St. Peters, Missouri in 1979. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in atmospheric science in 2001. I interned at WDIV in Detroit Michigan, and my first day in that news room was 9-11-2001. I sent my tape out on a Friday, and got a call from KALB the following Monday. I accepted the job sight unseen and went from graduating in Columbia, Missouri, to picking up my stuff in Southfield, Michigan, to apartment hunting in Alexandria, Louisiana in the span of several days. I had a job offer in a small town in West Virginia but came to Louisiana to get out of my comfort zone.

When I say out of my comfort zone, I mean that I’ve dreamt of living in obscenely snowy places since I was two. I know that I was two because that’s when The Weather Channel made its debut, and my mom and dad would leave it on the TV because I loved it so much, especially when snow was in the forecast. When I was 17, my best friend and I drove to Atlanta to visit his family. We took a side trip to The Weather Channel studio and acted like we needed to use the restroom so we could snoop around a bit. Nothing nefarious of course, but there is a picture of a very gangly, excited teenager posing in front of the TWC logo somewhere in a photo album.

I was terrified of thunderstorms until around age 11. I would hide under a blanket and plug my ears until it was done. Around age 11, I switched from paralyzing fear, to wanting to chase tornadoes. I’m still terribly afraid of lightning.

I met my wife in early December of 2002 in Lafayette, a town 80 miles from where we both lived at the time. We were married in August of 2003 after a seven-day engagement. In the span of 14 months I went from a single 23-year-old to married with a 5- year-old stepson, another kid on the way, and a mortgage payment.

I was in a car accident in 2011 (I think), I was fine, but the car was totaled. We were going to buy a minivan to replace it, and instead I found a big van that would sleep four (sort of) and had a bathroom. I mentioned it in passing to my wife, and we bought one soon after and fell in love with the RV lifestyle. For now, time limits us to a few weeks a year on the road, but we pack 4000-6000 miles in those few weeks and have hit 30 states and five Canadian provinces since 2012.

Those are a few of the highlights of me. I can tell you with 100-percent confidence that I’m not the smartest meteorologist you’ll run into, but when it comes to forecasting weather, I have a true passion for it. When a storm system is headed this way, you better believe I’m following every little nuance along the way. I love having an audience during these high impact weather events because it sharpens my skill, and the observations in real time from you all help immensely. It’s truly a team effort with the staff at KALB, and you at home. Thanks so much for watching/reading for all these years, and making this place that was once so far out of my comfort zone, a great place to live and raise a family!

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