12-year-olds write "school shooting" wills

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BIRMINGHAM, Al. (WVTM) - Two 12-year-olds have written out wills in case they're killed in school shootings.

Image Credit: NBC / WVTM

Mariama Davies couldn't believe it when her son Javon came home from school and told her what he did.

"I hate that he feels like that. He should not have to feel that way or think like that period," she says.

Davies said Javon and his friend both voluntarily wrote wills at school after an active shooter drill.

The sixth graders exchanged notes to give to each other's parents in case they die.

Javon's friend's note reads "Mom, I want you to give my friend Javon everything that I own...that includes the Xbox and games and controllers and all that comes with it."

Davies said this was completely out of character for her son.

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