2017: Most reported tornadoes in nearly a decade

Mark Tarello / Twitter / MGN
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The 2017 tropical season has been a very active one, not only with hurricanes and tropical storms, but also with tornadoes. There have been five named tropical cyclone storms that have produced tornadoes in the United States.

With the tropical season producing the most tornadoes in nearly a decade, this is the highest number reported since 2008. This is the fourth most overall season reported in 23 years. The 2017 season is the fourth season since 1995 that has produced over 100 tornadoes.

All of these tornadoes were produced in five name storms. There were two tropical storms and three hurricanes. We had Tropical Storm Cindy and Philippe, and Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Nate. Within these five storms, there were 119 reported tornadoes in over a dozen states according to the Storm Prediction Center. Hurricane Harvey had the largest number of tornadoes reported with 57. Those tornadoes were through five different states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

The 57 tornadoes reported from Harvey was 48% of the total while Irma, Cindy, Philippe and Nate rounded out their combined total to 52%. Many of the tornadoes were reported in Texas and Florida. Texas had 27 reports and that was strictly from Hurricane Harvey while Florida has 26 and that was from three different tropical cyclones.

Many of the tornadoes that were reported were short-lived and weak. Most of the time with tornadoes coming out of a tropical cyclone they are no larger than an EF1. There are some situations that they could get up to be an EF3 intensity.

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