3 Marksville siblings walk the stage together, overcoming battles since birth

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - Three Marksville seniors walked across the stage this week after overcoming battles since birth.

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Crystal Arvie, a mother of three, said it's been a long time coming.

"Joia was told she would never walk, see color, nor talk," Crystal said.

At a very young age, Joia, Crystal's one and only daughter, was diagnosed with a rare bone disease.

"Within the white part of our eyes, hers is yellow,” Crystal explained. “So she had a really rare bone disease that would break at any time. So can you imagine a two-month-old baby in a full body cast with a broken femur.”

Joia also has a twin brother, Jordan.

"Jordan has cp, cerebral palsy, and he has rheumatoid arthritis, which prevented him from playing sports because with the wrong hit, it could've crippled him for life," Crystal added.

The twins had to repeat the third grade, which put them in the same class as their younger brother, De'shaftion. And that's when they got their name: ”The Arvies.”

Throughout their lives, each child developed their own stories, conquered their own battles, and did everything they could to make their mother proud.

During her high school career, Joia completed her nursing program with CLTCC and has plans of being a traveling nurse.

“I never thought I would be able to finish high school with both of them," Joia said.

Jordan has completed half of his welding course through Marksville High School and is planning to finish the second part at CLTCC.

"I went through a lot in my life and I'm happy...very, very proud of myself that I made it this far," Jordan cried.

The youngest Arvie, De'shaftion, also completed a part of his welding training with the high school and will continue his education. He has hopes to study business.

“Avoyelles Parish, we got a lot of dropouts. It feels good to be one to walk," De’shaftion said.

The Arvies graduated on May 19.

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