33rd annual Corn Festival kicks off in Bunkie

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BUNKIE, La. (KALB) - It’s been a corny weekend over in Bunkie. Families, friends, and folks all over the state came down for the 33rd annual Corn Festival.

Source: KALB

Along with plenty of food, the festival included lots of fun activities like carnival rides, live music, and craft vendors. There was also a few competitions such as corn shucking and corn eating.

The festival honors the long history of the town's agriculture economy and culture.

"At the same time it was a celebration of the agriculture community in Avoyelles Parish and Bunkie,” expressed Lele Soileau, Bunkie Chamber of Commerce President. “So even though we don't see a lot of corn farmers, corn farming is still symbolic of our town and our community. It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling. It's a great community event to see the kids, see the adults, to have people who live out of town and out of state to come back to Bunkie."

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