39 months for man who confessed 90 minutes after bank robbed

Image Source: MGN

NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) - A man who confessed to the FBI shortly after robbing a bank in Louisiana has been sentenced to 39 months in prison.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says Eddie James, 41, was sentenced Wednesday.

James pleaded guilty in April. Authorities said James called the FBI about 90 minutes after the Nov. 2 robbery in New Orleans. He told an investigator he had been having trouble paying his bills when he walked into the bank branch with a note demanding money and left with more than $1,100.

Bank robbery carries a possible 20-year federal sentence but judges weigh numerous factors under sentencing guidelines.

James' record includes a 10-year sentence for manslaughter in 1995. However, records show the judge granted a prosecution motion for a sentence reduction following James' guilty plea.

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