Greta Van Susteren releases new book to help navigate the world of social media

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Do you call your kids for help using Facebook or Twitter? Now you might not have to. Legal expert turned social media expert, Greta Van Susteren, is out with a new book called Everything You Need to Know About Social Media (Without Having to Call a Kid).

"Social media can be fun," she said.

Van Susteren has worked at all three major cable news networks where she interacted with her viewers not just on TV, but online. She has millions of followers.

"Social media is here," said Van Susteren. "If you hate it, it's sort of like tough we're stuck with it so you might as well make the best of it and make it work for you."

Van Susteren's new book covers topics that include how to protect your digital privacy, keep your family safe online, and jumpstart your job search.

In discussing the target audience for the book, Van Susteren said, "the book is for people 40 and over, for people who have kind of missed the wave of social media and feel left behind. Well, they need not feel left behind. They'll catch up [in the book]."

Van Susteren also uses her book to discuss broader topics related to social media like cyber bullying and the online political arena. On Donald Trump's social media practices, Van Susteren said, "[his] reach is phenomenal and he bypasses people in the media. He doesn't have to face the hard questions and so he loves it."

Whether its President Trump's tweets or wishing your grandchild a happy birthday, there's no doubt social media is changing how we communicate and get information.

"You can reach all the way around the world or you can reach around the block or for your kids' school or if there is an alert going on in your community," Van Susteren said. "It's endless. The key is know how to navigate it."