How can you tell if someone's watching you from a hidden camera?

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FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) -- Thirty-one young girls have been watched by a hidden recording device that was put in the girls' dressing room at Oak Grove Lutheran School in Fargo, North Dakota.

The school said the person who put the device in the dressing room was also a student. But how can you tell when something hidden is watching or listening to your every move?

After what happened at Oak Grove Lutheran School, Gray affiliate KVLY wanted to know how you can be on the lookout for one of these devices. So they went to a local private investigator and he said with more advances in technology, it can be hard to always see them.

But he has a simple solution for whenever you're in a dressing or fitting room.

"If you see anything odd, like a device that looks like an electronic transmitting device, I would say something to management," says Private Investigator, Jon Hennings.

Hennings tells KVLY about a device he uses, a Hidden Camera Detector. You can find them just about anywhere online. The station did some research of their own and found some other things you can do in locker, dressing or fitting rooms.

First off, scan the room carefully. Check smoke detectors, air filter equipment, even wall decor for anything that looks abnormal. According to their research, you can easily use your cellphone to determine if there's a hidden camera in your room. If you're on the phone and suddenly lose service, there could be a hidden device that's causing signal interference.

KVLY found out, there are only 13 states that don't allow cameras in places of privacy, one of these is Minnesota. But in Fargo, surveillance is allowed in places like dressing rooms, as long as customers are notified.

The specifics around the incident at Oak Grove are still unclear and the investigation is ongoing. The student who carried out this act is a minor and has since been dismissed from the school.