Baby boom: 8 babies born to Kentucky firefighters in 2018

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ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) -- It's a baby boom! It seems there's something in the water at the Ashland Fire Department.

Eight babies were born to firefighters this year in a span of eight months.

"It was just like every week someone else saying, 'hey we're pregnant too, you know who else is expecting?'" Scott Powell said.

Four of the babies are boys, and four are girls.

Mila Hale was the first baby born this year, in January, to Jake Hale. Baby Mila is Hale's first child.

"We were planning and luckily enough we were able to get pregnant and along came Mila," Hale said. "She was the first one and everyone else followed suit."

Next came Caroline Maggard, also born in January, to Brad Maggard. This is also his first child.

"There's some added stress, I'm sure, for all of us but in the end and it's all a bunch of happiness and fun we get to have," Maggard said.

Hunter Cantrell was the third baby born, in March. His dad is Tyler Cantrell.

"It was wild, it was neat," Cantrell said. "I'm glad we all have small kids to grow up together now."

Harper Powell was born to Scott Powell in April.

"It's great, I mean we all love our families we love each other. We're a big family here," Powell said.

Ellie Horn was also born in April to Sam Horn.

Henry McAlister was born next in May to Matt McAlister.

Maverick Cornwell was born in June to Anthony Cornwell.

"Everybody's going through the same things at the same time," Cornwell said.

Lastly, Hudson Sturgill was born to Odis Sturgill in August. Hudson is Sturgill's first child.

"It's nice for me, it's my first one so I'm bouncing questions every day," Sturgill said.

There are so many babies and firefighters, it's hard to get them all in the same room. But they were eventually able to come together for a photoshoot. The pictures show each firefighter in uniform with their bundles of joy.

Their hands are full, but their hearts even more so. They say the joy the babies bring lessens the heavy burden of a tough job.

"When you walk home and see these babies smiling back at you, you forget about everything else," Powell said.

Cornwell gave from credit to the moms, saying he believes his wife still gets less sleep.

But as for how it happened, Cornwell jokes that it's also on the moms.

"I personally blame our wives," Cornwell said. "I think they're the ones to blame, really."

It's clear that the firehouse family has grown and that these eight babies will have plenty of friends growing up.

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